TR Tman Thyroid Hypothyroidism Supplement 60 mg 1000 Tablets

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TR Tman Thyroid Hypothyroidism Supplement 60mg 1000 Tablets

Thyroid All Natural Thyroid Supplement from TMANpharma, 2 x 500 sugar-coated tablets in 1 bottle.

This product is absolutely not intended to treat or cure any disease or condition.

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Tablets manufactured under strict Quality Control by T.MAN Pharma Co, Ltd

Please ask about the date of manufacturing and expiry date! (T.R. Thyroid Premium brand, sugar coated tablets, longer storage)

NOT intended to be used as food additives, drugs, cosmetics, household chemicals or other inappropriate applications unless otherwise directed.

TR Tman Thyroid is Natural Desiccated Thyroid, Thyroid Extract 60 mg per tablet. Lactose Free & Gluten Free.

Dosage : 30 to 250 mg. Daily or as directed by a physician.

Store in a dry, cool and dark place.

Not prescription pharmaceuticals! We guarantee the products we send you are correctly labeled and genuine-authentic.

This product is absolutely not intended to treat or cure any disease or condition.

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T.R.Tman content in one tablet (60 mg  thyroid  extract): approximately 38 mcg Levothyroxine (T4)  and 9 mcg Liothyronine (T3)…

The advantage of a sugar coated tablet vs. a film coating is that the sugar coating does not need to be digested in the stomach. The sugar coated tablet can pass directly to the small intestine where it is absorbed into the blood stream. Since digestion by the stomach is not necessary, it reduces irritation as well as acid production that can cause denaturing of the thyroglobulin proteins and detrimental effects
in some individuals.


Batch Number 9945901
Mfg Date 01-09-16.
Exp Date 01-09-20.


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