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Helps lower your body mass
Helps suppress your appetite to stop in between meal snacking
Help reduce your hunger levels & make dieting easier
Finally reach your weight management goals and get the body you deserve
Help control your calorie intake and make your diet a success
See results within only a few days

woman9Unique Hoodia’s main ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii hence the name of the product. This plant has been used for generations by the nomadic sans tribe to reduce their appetite for when they go on long hunts that could last for days.

Now you can have this amazing product for your own weight management goals. Not only do we have Hoodia Gordonii in the formula we also have other ingredients that act as weight controllers i.e. Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee extract etc. Our Hoodia formula is the most powerful and diverse on the market.


Q. Are you having trouble getting rid of that last bit of weight?

A. Unique Hoodia’s unique formula is specifically designed at reducing your appetite. With your appetite being suppressed you will be eating less and in turn this gives your body room to burn extra calories and fat.

Q. Will you feel like you have less energy by eating less?

A. One of the amazing things about this formula is that the ingredients will help give you increased energy levels whilst letting you eat less, and therefore consuming less calories.

Q. Do you seem to feel like you just can’t stop eating?

A. It sometimes can be very hard to even think about dieting as most of us seem to feel hungry most of the time or just can’t stop eating. Unique Hoodia is an extremely powerful appetite controller that will make you feel less hungry so that you will eat less.



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  • Reduce appetite
  • Lose body mass
  • Help increase energy levels
  • Help increase metabolism

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