5 Most Common Symptoms Associated with Hypothyroidism

When the body fails to produce sufficient quantity of the thyroid hormone, it leads to a condition named hypothyroidism. There are many symptoms using which one can identify the hormonal imbalance. However, a clinical test is the best and the final method to confirm if you need supplements to keep it under control.

Unprecedented Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Weight gain is a very common symptom when the thyroid glands fail to do the job. In rare cases, one may witness unusual weight loss if the gland secretes an increased quantity of the hormone than what the body requires. People who are already obese may not be able to lose their weight even with a strict diet chart and regular exercise.

Swollen Neck

The thyroid gland is located below your neck and when there is an inflation in the gland, it obviously leads to swelling in the neck. If there is a slight lump in any part of your neck, it’s time to consult a physician. In rare cases, it could even lead to thyroid cancer which is why it is best to confirm and start taking thyroid supplements as early as possible.

Change in Body Temperature

Temperature indicators, blue, green, red, plastic material on a white background

A person who is affected by hypothyroidism will feel extremely cold even when the temperature is moderately hot. The situation is completely different for people who have hyperthyroidism, a condition where excessive thyroid hormone is produced. They usually develop a strong aversion towards heat and will sweat a lot.


Fatigue is an important symptom which makes the affected person feel extremely tired even after resting for hours. They may feel sluggish to take up any tasks and will sleep for long hours. Some may display a restless behavior and feel easily irritated for no reason.

Mental Issues

While there are so many reasons that may cause depression, memory loss and mental instability, thyroid could also be one of them. It might surprise people to know that a physical problem could cause mental issues but it is a proven fact. If one feels anxious frequently and restless besides facing sleep disorders, they might be affected by hyperthyroidism.

Apart from these five important symptoms, the hormonal issue can also lead to vision problems, hair loss, dry scalp and dry skin. Men faces a significant decrease in their libido. Women may often find drastic changes in their menstrual cycle.

While there is no permanent cure to fix the hormonal imbalance, thyroid supplements are the best way to keep the condition under control. Before you choose supplements, make sure to consult a certified physician to confirm the existence of the condition. While surgical options are necessary when there is swelling or symptoms of cancer, most people could prevent it at an early stage by consuming a tablet every day.

The tablets are available in packages that could last an entire year or more, based on the size you opt for. Always go for products from a reputed brand and keep thyroid at bay. It’s easy to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by taking preventive measures at once.