Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer – Controversy and an Alternative Therapy


This disease is by far one of the most deadliest of cancers with most patients dying in the first year of diagnosis. Fortunately, it is also the rarest form of thyroid cancer. The onset of anaplastic thyroid cancer occurs in most people after 65 years of age and by the time it’s diagnosed it is too late to do much about it surgically.

Often times it will occur in people that have had some form of radiation exposure many years earlier in their life. Other than that, it’s not known what truly causes it. If someone has a more differentiated thyroid cancer or a goiter, these can often lead to anaplastic thyroid cancer.

Now here comes the interesting part, so bear with me. In 1953 a report came out called the Fitzgerald Report. This was the culmination of a Senate Investigation brought about by Congressman Charles Tobey. The investigation showed that there was an effort to block effective alternative cancer therapies within the U.S. government, like the FDA and the FTC. Not only that, there is a whole laundry list of private cancer foundations involved, one for instance is the American Cancer Society. This report was suppressed until just recently and it seems to be trickling out now (you can find the report on Wikipedia).

So specifically, what does this mean for anaplastic thyroid cancer? Or any type of cancer for that matter? Anaplastic thyroid cancer is untreatable for the most part so it behooves people to really look into alternative treatments for any type of cancer rather than just what the doctor tells you. Modern medicine typically treats the symptoms rather than the cause. This an important point to consider when you learn that a typical cancer patient can bring in near a million dollars to drug companies and hospitals in the lifetime of their treatment. Could it be that perhaps our medical establishment is profit driven?

There are other therapies out there that may help, like oxygen therapy. It is widely known that a highly oxygenated environment can kill diseases and certain types of cancer cells. If we can go to the root of the problem and eliminate it there effectively, cheaply and fast, then where is the profit and the motivation to cure? Anaplastic thyroid cancer is one of those diseases that may benefit from oxygen therapy, so if you are battling this cancer, don’t waste time, look into it.


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