Apple Cider Vinegar For Acne – The Best Kept Skin Care Secret


Apple Cider Vinegar can do wonders for your skin. In fact, it is the best treatment for acne that I have ever found; hands down. And the best part… it’s 100% all natural!

There are two ways to incorporate apple cider vinegar into your skin care regimen. To help clear acne, apple cider vinegar can be taken orally or applied topically. For best results, I recommend trying both!

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar to Improve your Skin

When ingested, apple cider vinegar promotes liver health. Proper liver function is absolutely essential for clear and beautiful skin. Why? The livers job within the body is to remove toxins from our system. An overload of toxins, caused by a poorly functioning liver is a very common cause of acne.

Furthermore, apple cider vinegar helps regulate digestion which is another key for clear and beautiful skin. For optimum benefit, take approximately 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 3 times a day.

Applying Apple Cider Vinegar Topically to Improve Acne

I have personally seen the best results when applying apple cider vinegar topically. Not only did my acne drastically improve, but my facial redness disappeared as well. In addition, my skin became much less oily and shiny as it was able to perfectly control my skins pH levels.

That’s one of the great benefits of apple cider vinegar. Instead of just healing acne alone, it improves all aspects of your complexion. After all, what’s the good in clearing up your acne if in doing so you turn your skin so red and oily that your entire face looks like a giant zit!

What’s the best way to apply ACV (apple cider vinegar) for the best results?

When first starting out, dilute the vinegar with water to an approximate 10% solution. Apply the concoction with a cotton pad 1-3 times daily. Treat the ACV as a toner and leave it on your skin throughout the day.

Once your skin gets used to the 10% solution, if needed, you can gradually increase the amount of ACV until you are using it in its original form.

Negatives of Using ACV for Skin Care

As with anything else, there are some negatives associated with using apple cider vinegar as a natural organic skin care solution. First of all, it tastes really bad… plain and simple! The best way to deal with this negative aspect of ingesting ACV is to either drink it in shots or combine it with large amounts of water to minimize the bad taste.

I personally like to take it in shots and then chase it down with honey. I’ve also tried adding a small amount of ACV to all my bottles of water that I drink throughout the day.

When applied topically, the smell of the apple cider vinegar on your skin takes some time to dissipate. For the first few hours it will be somewhat noticeable to those around you. It’s not a big deal if you don’t mind smelling like a salad!

Here’s a little trick: Apply the ACV immediately when you wake up so that by the time you are ready to go out the smell will be gone. This always seemed to work for me.

Finally, for the first few weeks of applying ACV on the skin, the fumes will burn your eyes. It’s an effect very similar to the one experienced from cutting fresh onions. Once you get used to the ACV, this will no longer be a problem.

Despite some of the negatives, the benefits of apple cider vinegar make this a natural organic skin care nutrient that must be tried. I doubt you will be disappointed!


Source by Steve Paul

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