Diet for those who have hypothyroidism, Tips and Supplements!


Hypothyroidism is basically a dysfunction in the thyroid, also known as “lazy thyroid,” among several symptoms that this dysfunction can bring there is weight gain, which is usually 3 to 5 kg above the natural weight of the person’s biotype. Here I will talk a little about food supplements and also about foods that should not be lacking in the diet of those who have hypothyroidism. If you want more information specifically about Hypothyroidism I recommend you read this article in the Endocrine Portal that was written by Dr. Leandro Diehl, has many detailed information about this dysfunction.

A first myth that is important to undo is that all of your overweight is as a result of hypothyroidism, of course this dysfunction has its share of contribution to this, but there is no need to live on diet, what is important is to do a reeducation food seeking to insert in Your diet foods that help your body work well.


Diet Tips for Those Who Have Hypothyroidism

At a first moment where the goal is to lose weight will have to do physical activities at some good gym to increase the amount of calories burned during the day, and also reduce the consumption of calories. Something interesting to talk about with your endocrinologist is to avoid stronger remedies and use weight loss shakes, which are excellent as the Dream Plex Light from this stage start to feed with more quality.

For out-of-hours meals it is always interesting to seek a healthy diet with products such as milk (skimmed), natural skimmed yogurt, human ration, granola, oats, fruits, whole grain breads and light cereal bars.

Here I will mention some foods that due to their composition and nutrients tend to help accelerate the thyroid. Preparing these foods is a matter of personal taste as long as you always seek to prepare them in the healthiest way possible.

Egg yolk: It has iodine and vitamin D, which when found in low levels compromises the thyroid and bones. It is generally recommended to consume 1 unit 3 times per week.

Milk: in addition to iodine is also rich in calcium, which are participants in metabolism, consume milk (skim) 3 times a day.

Algae: they are rich in iodine and help in the production of thyroid hormones, this helps to improve the metabolism. Consume 1 tea saucer 2 or 3 times a week.

Seafood: rich sources of iodine and also calcium, you can consume 1 serving with about 120g 2 times a week.

Orange: a source rich in selenium and vitamin C, helps boost immunity (which tends to fall with exercise), is necessary for iron absorption, is antioxidant and also helps in the production of neurotransmitters. It is recommended that you consume 1 unit per day.

Red meat: also contains selenium, vitamin B6, acts on the production of hormones and helps stimulate the digestive function of cells. It is recommended that you consume about 1 serving of 120 days a day.

Grains and seeds are also very important, but if you are already consuming human ration or granola you will certainly already be benefiting from its effects.

Control of Fat Absorption is Important
Those who have hypothyroidism should remember that their body does not react in the same way as most people, its metabolism is slower, so in the same way that it tends not to burn calories very well it should be remembered that it also does not metabolize fats so easily , especially LDL cholesterol should be controlled.

A food supplement that can greatly help regulate bowel function and control fats consumed is Fiber Control, which could be an important ally in your diet!

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