Hypothyroidism Questionnaire – Is Thyroid Adrenal Illness a Issue for You?


Has your thyroid and adrenal disease been missed or mistreated? There are an approximated sixty,000,000+ people today these days with undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Use this hypothyroidism questionnaire to decide if your thyroid and/or adrenal glands are underperforming.

In the previous 2 articles or blog posts, we lined 11 big thyroid and adrenal disease screening procedures that would permit you determine if you have thyroid or adrenal troubles. Some of these assessments would give you handy information and facts regarding the position of your all round wellness regardless of whether it was thyroid or adrenal in character. So there would be some worth in accomplishing these assessments regardless.

Nevertheless, prior to determining if you even need to have to perform such assessments, you can initial use this thyroid and adrenal questionnaire to decide if you essentially do have thyroid problems or adrenal problems, and if pursuing the thyroid assessments stated in the previous 2 articles or blog posts is warranted. Here is the thyroid adrenal questionnaire – be sure to print this out, and location a checkmark by each and every beneficial reaction.

Hypothyroidism Questionnaire and Symptom Analysis (look at any positives)

(_____) Sensitivity to chilly or fingers and feet are commonly chilly

(_____) Early morning temperatures are less than 97.8

(_____) Use socks to mattress typically

(_____) Dry or scaly skin

(_____) Require to apply lotion and oils frequently

(_____) Frequently day by day tiredness

(_____) Hardly ever look to get plenty of sleep or naps for vitality

(_____) Memory and focus are lowered

(_____) Hair is thinning, class, dry, breaking off

(_____) Nails are skinny, chip, peal or break

(_____) Decreased legs are puffy, or indent with pressure

(_____) Hands and fingers are puffy

(_____) Carpel Tunnel symptoms

(_____) Outer third of eyebrows are skinny or absent

(_____) Libido or sexual intercourse drive has lowered or is low

(_____) Fat is challenging to reduce or gain even when dieting

(_____) Bowels are sluggish or constipated or need to have to consider laxatives

(_____) Autoimmune illnesses like Rheumatoid, Lupus, and Vitiligo

(_____) Very low B12 or Pernicious Anemia

(_____) Identified or suspected food allergic reactions or Celiac Illness

(_____) Silver Amalgams now or in the previous (mercury fillings)

(_____) History of radiation treatment to neck or chest

(_____) Consuming now or prior, water with chlorine and/or fluoride

(_____) Take in average amounts of soy milk, cheese, burgers, dressings, and many others.

(_____) Spouse and children History of any variety of Thyroid Difficulties

(_____) Take in fish frequently esp. tuna, sushi, non-wild Salmon

(_____) Moody, frustrated, irritable, apathetic

(_____) Fatigue on waking even soon after good night’s sleep

(_____) Use of Teflon Pans

(_____) Making use of white salt instead of gray or pink unprocessed salt

(_____) Craving caffeine as shortly as you awaken… or difficult to get started

(_____) Second wind in evening and could be up late and difficult to sleep

(_____) Leg cramps and charley horse symptoms

(_____) Puffy eyelids

(_____) Sluggish bowels… could need to have laxatives and softeners

(_____) Use Mountain Dew or Bromo Seltzer

(_____) Use hot tubs with chlorine or bromine

(_____) May wrestle to force by means of many several hours of exercise soon after waking

How did you do? Much less than 3 or four, you are in all probability fine in the thyroid adrenal area, but if you scored beneficial on five to nine, you in all probability have some average thyroid troubles. If you scored 10 or bigger, your thyroid and adrenals could certainly use some awareness. The prevalence of issues that are harmful to your thyroid and adrenal glands and the dietary deficiencies in most people’s weight loss plans is frustrating – for this reason the big range of undiagnosed people going for walks around with hypothyroidism that could assist them selves experience significantly better by means of prudent action.

A person tip is to instantly slice again on nearly anything terrible for your thyroid like soy or abnormal fish, and see if you experience better in a 7 days or two. Yet another is to increase a tablespoon or two of coconut oil, which is good for your thyroid, to your day by day program.

Keep tuned, as we will deal with issues to stay away from and issues that enhance thyroid and adrenal wellness in forthcoming articles or blog posts – you will not want to miss these tremendous different, all-natural wellness recommendations!

Thank-you for joining us,

Diane Culik, MD
ABC Wellness

Resource by Diane A. Culik, MD

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