The Relationship between Thyroid and Obesity

The Relationship between Thyroid and Obesity

People are awfully awry of weight loss programs because it is tough to cope up with the schedule. In some cases, even after spending weeks in cardio machines and a strict diet, you may find that the extra pounds just refuse to budge. If you find yourself in such situation, it is important to check if you have hypothyroidism because it is one of the most important causes of unnatural weight gain and obesity. The problem occurs when your body is incapable of secreting the required amount of thyroid hormones which leads to an imbalanced metabolism rate.

Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

It is not difficult to find if you have a thyroid issue. The symptoms associated with the problem are explicit. It may cause a high level of fatigue and weakness even when following a healthy diet schedule. Some individuals tend to witness unexpected weight gain while those who are already obese will find it tough to lose pounds. Other common symptoms include dry hair, dry skin, muscle aches and cramps.

The inability of the gland to produce thyroid will lead to mental health issues including depression, memory loss, and always feeling irritated for no reason. While men witness an unexpected level of decrease in libido, women face issues in their monthly menstrual cycle. These symptoms may also be caused by other illness which is why a clinical test is mandatory to determine whether you have thyroid issues. You may face any one of these symptoms or sometimes you may witness a combination of the ones mentioned here.

Treatment for Lack of Thyroid Secretion

The problem begins when the thyroid gland inflates to a huge size, destroying most of the cells which prevent the gland from secreting the hormone as it usually does. It could either be due to heredity or one’s immune system causing it. In other cases, medical treatments and regular consumption of the specific type of drugs could cause an issue.

If the disease is not treated at the right time with thyroid supplements, it may lead to swelling in the neck. The first thing that a physician would do is check the underneath of your neck which is where the symptoms begin. If you have excessive fat secretion combined with a stable formation, it not only confirms the existence of hypothyroidism but also requires surgery. The issue cannot be cured through treatment, but it can be controlled from growing further.

All you have to do is consume supplements which are usually in the form of pills. By consuming a pill every day, the metabolism rate could be balanced as the supplement helps produce thyroid hormone. It induces the gland to produce more which will also help you lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Before commencing a routine schedule involving thyroid supplements, it is mandatory to confirm with a certified physician. Once you begin taking the pills, there is no stopping it till the end which is why you have to be sure that such a condition exists before triggering hormone growth using supplements.

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