The Thyroid Diet Plan – What to Eat on a Thyroid Diet Plan


The condition referred to as hypothyroidism is one that results from a lower production of hormones of the thyroid. This can lead to a long list of health problems if not identified and treated promptly. It is often suggested that one of the best solution would be to choose a thyroid diet plan specifically designed to help the thyroid gland activity to return to its normal levels.

So what exactly would be a suitable diet plan for individuals with thyroid related problems? To start with it would be important to eat only those foods that are low in calories, as the more calories that are consumed the slower the metabolism would become. Too many calories can cause the condition to worsen. It is believed also that small meals throughout the day would be better than the traditional 3 meals a day for those who have hypothyroidism.

The moment you know you have a thyroid related condition it is essential to take a check on the amount of carbohydrates that are consumed. A low carb diet would be preferential as it would allow your body to burn off excessive fat and have the right amount of energy to stimulate the thyroid. You should consume some amount of good protein. Cut back on red meats and instead eat foods such as fish, nuts, eggs, and dairy products.

There are expert nutritionists who would recommend that vegetarians are better suited to combating the effects of hypothyroidism than those people who consume a lot of meat. Fresh and raw vegetables and fruits will allow you the right amount of nutrition without exaggerating the problem of hypothyroidism. Raw foods are believed to be preferential as they contain more essential vitamins and minerals than products that have been cooked or processed partially or in full.

Avoid refined foods such as white bread and white rice as these are not as healthy as the brown and whole wheat varieties. Increasing your fibre intake can have a dramatic impact on your overall health and well being. Refined foods are much harder for the body to deal with.

Drinking the correct amount of water should also be an important part of your thyroid diet plan. Try to have at least eight glasses of fresh and clean water on a daily basis. Cut back on sodas and brewed beverages as these will not be doing you any favors in the short or long term. Adequate hydration is one of the keys to having a thyroid working correctly.


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