Vishnu Yoga in Hindu Astrology


Constituents: Vishnu yoga is triggered if the lords of Navamsa’s which the ninth Lord isplaced and the tenth lord joins the 2nd property in conjunction with the ninth lord.

Fruits: The native issue to other combinations in the horoscope is very likely to guide and pleasing existence and enjoy the pursuing fruits:

i)        Purchase fortunes from numerous countries,

ii)       Generate in crores (moderately massive turnover and earnings).

iii)     Will be potent bodily and mentally,

iv)     Witty in conversations,

v)      Worshipper of Lord Vishnu,

vi)     Able of obtaining awards from the Government and also praised from the   Government,

vii)   Lengthy existence up to one hundred several years-largely totally free from illness.

Our Look at: But, it is achievable that all the results may well not materialize but the native may well take pleasure in most of the blessings of Vishnu Yoga. Astrologically, Navamasha in which the ninth Lord is spot plays an significant element in the development of this yoga. Yoga is predicted to operate as a result of out existence if the Navamsa Lord comes about to be the strongest world (getting the require quantity of shadbala). Where the lord of Navamsa occupied by the ninth Lord comes about to be Saturn not getting much strength (debilitated Saturn), the yoga would operate with specific constraints.

It is for the Astrologer to decide the strength of the world forming Vishnu Yoga. Be that as it may well, mixture of the ninth lord and tenth lord alone constitutes a potent Raj Yoga. If this takes place in the 2nd property, merged with the Namamas Lord would without a doubt quantity potent Dhan Yoga and Raj-yoga.

In this horoscope, the horoscope belonging to higher position influential male, Vishnu Yoga did not function well for the reason that of Rahu in the 2nd property though Lord of ninth Venus in Taurus Amsa and Lord of this Amsa is again Venus. He is the 2nd property alongside with the tenth Lord and he himself comes about to be the ninth Lord.

However, Vishnu Yog is additional pronounced in the pursuing chart. Venus comes about not only be the lord of tenth property but also lord of Navamsa occupied by ninth Lord Mercury. Both equally Mercury and Venus are in the 2nd. With huge earnings, the native almost enjoyed all the blessings of Vishnu Yoga.


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