Why Do I Always Feel Tired and Sleepy? Three Medical Causes


Missing out on things because you are too tired to participate is a terrible way to live, asking yourself “why do I always feel tired and sleepy?” is the first step in the process to feel wake and well. There are three medical causes that can instigate a situation where you would probably have a more worrying situation regarding chronic fatigue.

  • Blood Sugar Levels- blood sugar levels can easily affect how you feel. If your sugar levels are too high you will feel lethargic and sleepy and if they are too low you will also feel sleepy and / or dizzy. The key is to find balance. Through diet you can find the balance that you need to shake off that tired and sleepy feeling.
  • Sluggish or Malfunctioning Thyroid – if you have a sluggish thyroid you can just about be guaranteed that you will be asking yourself “why do I always feel tired and sleepy?” If your thyroid is sluggish or malfunctioning it may be difficult to detect at first, but once it is determined that something is not quite right you can address the issue and begin healing. Some folks simply accept that they have a low metabolism; it is not acceptable and can be changed!
  • Parasitic Condition- this is not as a unique situation as you may think. When any microbe gets to the overgrowth stage whether it is bacterial, viral or fungal than you have a parasitic situation and this situation will leave you permanently feeling tired and sleepy.

These are only 3 of many potential causes for always feeling sleepy and tired. It could be an issue with a chronic post viral infection or chronic candidacy or undiagnosed food allergies or nutritional deficiencies etc. The only way you will know for certain why you’re feeling so tired and sleepy is to look at all the symptoms you¡¯re experiencing and relate them back to the most likely causes for all of them. The only alternative are band-aid solutions for the rest of your life, to which you need to ask if that’s what you want to do?


Source by Jane Sawyers

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