Yoga And The Medical Science


Fashionable professional medical science and Yoga are rational, scientific and universal in outlook and consequently are all-natural allies. Their combination has the opportunity to present us with a holistic wellbeing science that will be a boon for the psychosomatic wellbeing of our masses. Yoga involves a holistic strategy to healing and  integrates healing with the tradition, diet regime, atmosphere, and custom.

Fashionable allopathic drugs that originated from Greco-Roman Drugs and Northern European traditions is created on the science of anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry and the composition-purpose marriage amongst cells, tissues, and organs. Allopathic drugs focuses on diagnosis, treatment method, and treatment for acute ailments through potent pharmaceutical medicine, surgical procedures, radiation, stem mobile and other treatment method modalities.

Fashionable professional medical enhancements present the rationale for the integration of a variety of traditional healing strategies which includes Yoga to boost healing, wellbeing, and longevity. It is critical that developments in drugs consist of the holistic strategy of Yoga to experience the current troubles in wellbeing care. The antiquity of Yoga need to be united with the improvements of fashionable drugs to improve excellent of daily life in the course of the entire world.

Fashionable drugs has the final goal and purpose of generating a condition of the best possible actual physical and mental wellbeing so finally leadings to the the best possible very well being of the personal. Yoga also aims at the attainment of mental and actual physical very well being however the methodology differs. Even though fashionable drugs has a great deal to give mankind in its treatment method and administration of acute ailment, incidents and communicable illnesses, Yoga has  great deal to give in phrases of preventive, promotive and rehabilitative techniques in addition to a lot of administration techniques to tackle emerging troubles like Weight problems, Diabetic issues, Coronary heart, Joint and Psychosomatic Problems etc to fashionable professional medical science.


The research of anatomy and physiology is a wonderful assembly place for fashionable drugs and Yoga. Yoga therapists and practitioners can advantage from the intricate and comprehensive ‘break-down study’ of fashionable drugs exactly where the overall body is broken down into a lot of techniques, then into a lot of organs, a lot of tissues and eventually into billions of cells which includes the emerging concept of stem cells. On the other hand the Yogic ” holistic” look at of the Pancha Kosha (the five sheathed existence) can assistance fashionable doctors notice that we are not just, ‘one-body’ organisms but have four more bodies that are equally if not more crucial. We are a manifestation of the Divine and have, not only the actual physical overall body but also an power overall body, a mental overall body, a overall body of knowledge and a overall body of eternal bliss. An knowledge of the psychic anatomy and physiology of Nadis, Chakras and Bindus when coupled with the sensible knowledge of the details of the actual physical overall body can encourage serious awareness of the self in all wellbeing care personnel. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has tried using to correlate 37 regions of human physiology with 37 regions of intelligence or consciousness as out there in Vedic literature. Some of the examples are the correlation amongst Nyaya and the Thalamus as very well as Samkya and the types of neuronal action.

In his excellent ebook, “The Shambala Tutorial to Yoga”, Dr. George Feuerstein suggests, “Extended prior to physicists found out that make a difference is power vibrating at a specific rate, the Yogis of India had handled this overall body-thoughts as a playful manifestation of the final power (Shakti), the dynamic element of Reality. They realized that to find the true Self, a person had to harness interest for the reason that the power of the overall body-thoughts follows ‘attention’. A crude illustration of this system is the measurable increase of blood movement to our fingers and toes that happens when we focus on them. Yogis are quite thorough about exactly where they put their interest, for the thoughts makes designs of power, causing behaviors of considered and behavior that can be harmful to the pursuit of legitimate happiness”. Professor Dr SV Rao, an eminent professional medical doctor and Yoga Scientist suggests, “Yoga is a science for the reason that it is verifiable. Yoga as a science of living is also an art. Yoga, thus, may possibly be defined as the science and art of the best possible living”

Avoidance OF Disease:

As per the concept of wonderful Maharishi Patanjali, Yogic way of life that includes the Yama and Niyama can assistance avert a wonderful a lot of of the fashionable illnesses like Hepatitis B and AIDS. Cleanliness that is taught as a result of Soucha can assistance avert and restrict the distribute of contagious and infectious illnesses. Psychological peace and ideal strategy to Yoga these types of as Samatvam (equanimity of thoughts) and Vairagya (dispassionate detachment) can assistance avert a lot of of the psychosomatic conditions running wild in the fashionable entire world. If these Yogic values as very well as practices these types of as Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas and Dhyana are inculcated in the fashionable human race, we can avert pretty much all illnesses that abound now.   Nonetheless the ‘will’ to do so is also of paramount worth as there is no money or fame in avoidance and we really don’t know what we have prevented for the reason that we have prevented it from occurring!

To quotation the eminent neurosurgeon  Dr B Ramamurthi, “The widespread revival of the Science of Yoga by fashionable Yogic lecturers and Gurus, bodes fantastic for mankind. The only way to maintain in good shape & nutritious is as a result of the Science of Yoga, which transcends all religions and cults. It is a science of the thoughts and the overall body and requires to be practiced by all human beings to assure their very own future”.


The observe of Yoga prospects to the successful operating of the overall body with homeostasis as a result of improved operating of the psycho-immuno-neuro-endocrine system. A balanced equilibrium amongst the sympathetic and parasympathetic wings of the autonomic anxious system prospects to a dynamic condition of wellbeing. Yoga not only rewards the anxious system but also the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, muscular, endocrine and immune system.

Hath Yoga released by Yogi Swatmarama, a sage of fifteenth century India, in his book  Hatha Yoga Pradipika, is the most practiced variety of overall body self-control. In the final forty to fifty years, Hath Yoga has also been acknowledged as  ” Therapeutic Modality” all in excess of the entire world , supported by a lot of scientific reports Different types of yogic ‘ Kriyas’ or strategies, may possibly be Asans, pranayama, mudras, bandhas and Meditation etc have been administered to display their outcome on wellbeing and illnesses in a scientific manner.


Yoga has a great deal to give in phrases of psychosomatic disorders and in worry associated disorders these types of as diabetes, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, epilepsy, hypertension, again ache and other purposeful disorders. Yoga can assistance decrease and in some conditions do away with drug dosage and dependence in clients suffering from diabetes mellitus, hypertension, epilepsy, panic, bronchial asthma, constipation, dyspepsia, sleeplessness, arthritis, sinusitis and dermatological disorders.

Asanas are almost certainly the ideal tool to disrupt any learned designs of improper muscular initiatives. Pranayama and Pratyahara are very successful strategies to divert the individual’s interest from the objects of the outer atmosphere, to increase a person’s power opportunity and ‘interiorize’ them, to achieve control of one’s inner operating.

We need to don’t forget Plato’s words when he said, “The treatment method of the aspect should not be attempted without having a treatment method of the entirety,” which means that the treatment method of the overall body without having managing the thoughts and soul would be squander of time. Effective professional medical scientist does the exact. A smiling, caring medical doctor with sweet voice and gentle contact is more of a Yogic therapist.

Yoga can assistance those recovering from incidents and actual physical traumas to get again on their ft quicker and with far better purposeful capacity.


Lajpat Rai, an eminent Physiologist has carried out substantial research on Chakras and Kundalini Jagran. In accordance to Kundalini Yoga, the opportunity power located in the Chakras can be transformed into kinetic variety possibly spontaneously or by meditational practices. This phenomenon of conversion of opportunity power into kinetic power has been termed as “Awakening of Kundalini” which prospects to self actualization. Kundalini Chakras are claimed to be vortices of power spinning in circles like transformers. They are said to govern and regulate the movement and dispersion of power (etheric or pranic power of yoga) in an electrical human infrastructure comprised of an amazing circuitry of 72 thousand refined channels (sukshama prana nadis). Quantitatively, the five chakras on the spine are additional claimed to be endowed with the characteristics and characteristics possessed and manifested by five cosmic things of earth, water, fireplace, air and ether respectively. Intense meditation on the chakras sites at spine and cranium by way of visualization of a presented chakra symbolically in phrases of a variety of petals of a lotus, its color, audio and other components surcharges the overall body-thoughts-consciousness elaborate at all the five amounts.

Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra


Considering and partaking in action can physically alter the mind, a concept identified as, “neuroplasticity”. Recurring ideas and things to do can transform our genes on or off.

Fashionable researchers have noticed that when you believe repeatedly, focus or meditate, you transform on genes to make proteins that adjust the composition of the neurons and increase the variety of  connections amongst mind cells. In essence, neurons turn into far better communicators.

University of Wisconsin neuroscientist Richard Davidson demostrated the outcome of meditation on the mind. He calculated the mind action of the novices and hugely practiced Budhist monks, and found that , unlike the novices, when the monks meditated on “unconditional loving-kindness and compassion,” they generated impressive gama rays- the style associated in higher mind procedures like perception and consciousness. Therefore, the recurring mental action of meditation altered mind operating.

Balanced Diet program:

Yoga teaches us that the bring about of most disease is as a result of less than (Ajjeranatvam), in excess of (Atijeeranatvam) or improper (Kujeeranatvam) digestion. Yoga also teaches us about the strategy to food stuff, the types of food stuff as very well as the worth of timings and moderation in diet regime. A combination of the fashionable features of diet regime with a dose of Yogic considered can assistance us try to eat not only the ideal items but also in the ideal way and at the ideal time so assuring fantastic wellbeing and longevity. Eminent Physiologist Prof Lajpat Rai in his huge scientific reports has presented wonderful worth to Yogic Dietary Routine and has noticed the outcome of Fasting Treatment to buildup the inside milieu by restoring the homeostatic mechanisms.


Peace is a essential component of any Yoga treatment regimen and need to not be forgotten at any charge. Shavasana has been noted to assistance a great deal in hypertensive clients and practices these types of as Savitri Pranayama, Chandra Pranayama, Kayak Kriyas, Yoga Nidra, Anulom Viloma Prakriyas and Marmanasthanam Kriya are also out there to the particular person demanding this condition of complete peace. It is crucial to don’t forget that peace on its very own is fewer effective than peace next action.


Ageing is inescapable and Yoga can assistance us to age gracefully.  Balanced diet regime, regular training, avoidance of adverse ideas & behaviors and cultivation of the favourable mindset and a nutritious way of life can assistance us to age with dignity. Yoga can also assistance our ‘silver citizens’ keep their mental capacity and avert degenerative disorders these types of as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and a variety of other growing old problems.  Swami Gitananda Giri, Yogashri Krishnamacharya, Kannaiah Yogi, Swami Suddananda Bharathi, Yogeshwarji, Yogendraji, Swami Ram Dev and  Padma Bhushan BKS Iyengar are but a number of of the Yogis who have demonstrated us that its is probable to mature old without having getting rid of any of the actual physical or mental colleges of youth.

Lifestyle Type Changes:

Yoga assists clients to master to make an energy and adjust their daily life fashion for the far better so that their wellbeing can improve. Lifestyle fashion modification is the buzzword in fashionable professional medical circles and Yoga can enjoy a critical function in this regard. Yogic diet regime, Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Kriyas and peace are an crucial element of way of life modification. Dr Dean Ornish, an eminent American professional medical doctor who has demonstrated that Yogic way of life can reverse heart disease. He suggests, “Yoga is a system of fantastic equipment for reaching union as very well as healing.”

Experts these types of as Dr BK Anand, Dr KK Datey, Dr KN Udupa, Dr B Ramamurthy, Dr W Selvamurthy, Dr T Desiraju, Dr Nagendra, Dr Nagaratna, Dr Shirley Telles, Dr MV Bhole, Dr Rajapurkar, Dr Mittimohan, Dr Lajpat Rai and Dr Madanmohan and Yogacharya Dr.Ananda BalayogiBhavananihave contributed extensively to the scientific knowledge of Yoga Vidya and Yoga Vidhi

Dr VSSM Rao writes that, “The custom of Yoga is so fantastic that we have to find strategies of expounding it in fashionable scientific terminology as an alternative of only assessing it in phrases of current concepts of science, which is expanding so speedily that a time may possibly arrive when man would like to live by his intuition alternatively than by scientific preparing, bristling with conflicts and balancing a variety of variables not wholly recognized.”

This is for the reason that Yoga has a audio system of etiology, diagnosis and pathogenesis of disease. Therefore, we have a complete system by alone in Yoga

Kundalini Jagran

The worth of Yoga in India is identified from the time of Krishna which is obvious from Gita.

Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita (vs. sixteen-seventeen, Chapter VI) has said, “Yoga is not for him who eats too much or too small. It is not for him who sleeps too much or too small. It is for him who is temperate in food stuff and recreation, temperate in his exertion at perform, temperate in slumber, yoga puts an conclude to all sorrows”

With the raising proof gathered by fashionable professional medical researchers in coordination with Yoga practioners, they have no hitch to say their clients ‘Never dread shadows. They only indicate there is gentle someplace nearby’

‘I burn my candle at both finishes

It may possibly not final the night time.

But oh! my mates, and ah! my foes,

It will make a pretty gentle.’


Source by DR M. R. JAIN


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